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September-October 2010


Letters from our readers

The College Pump

Recollections of David Halberstam and Harry Levin


The Farlow Library's new online exhibits highlight the death cap mushroom and mycological illustration.

In this Issue

Harvard professors and students take aim at the social and behavioral factors that contribute to HIV.

Psychologist Ellen Langer's unconventional research. Plus, read about applying mindfulness techniques to eating.

Two Beijing photographers interpret China's breakneck change from Communist revolution to market-based consumerism.

Brief life of an American entrepreneur: 1775-1817

Father and son, lawyer and philosopher debate torture, surveillance, and presidential power


Letters from our readers

Right Now

Neurobiologist Michael Greenberg investigates how memories form at a molecular level, and discovers a new class of RNA.

Robert Pringle says the grid-like distribution of Kenyan termite mounds helps answer an old question about ecosystems.

David Scadden studies the environmental cues that can cause normal cells to become diseased.

New England Regional

Innovative museums highlight New England's industrial past.

Early fall happenings at Harvard

The South End’s Coppa offers tasty tapas.

John Harvard's Journal

Gutting the Fogg Art Museum on the way to renovating it

As corporate relationships with researchers and doctors come under more scrutiny, Harvard Medical School updates its policies.

Revised promotion policies transform younger faculty members' lives—and promise sweeping changes in the professoriate as a whole.

Meet the Law School librarian who plays for the Red Sox.

Executive vice president Katie Lapp is swiftly altering the ways Harvard budgets, builds, computes, and more.

Headlines from Harvard history

Waiting to hear about faculty retirements; a new HUCTW contract; and a cash infusion for the Medical School from its affiliated hospitals

Canaday's solar roof, a rare giant flower, oil-spill commissioner, and more

The Undergraduate, halfway through the College, finds time speeding up, in academics and in life.

Two sterling student writers join the magazine as Berta Greenwald Ledecky Undergraduate Fellows.

Dawn Murdock Stenis directs Harvard’s extensive fitness programs.


Painter George Oommen creates distinctive images of Kerala, India—his homeland. With video of the artist at work.

The band Soulfège has international sound and a positive message. With a music video.

Pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton's breakthrough in understanding newborns as complex, capable beings

Francine Prose writes fiction and nonfiction in many forms. With an audio clip of the author discussing her writing process.

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

Recent books with Harvard connections


A Kennedy School alumnus tries to revive a Rust Belt town.

Harvard Alumni Association president Robert R. Bowie Jr. is passionate about the “Harvard network.”

President Drew Faust will welcome attendees as the Shared Interest Group hosts its inaugural conference (October 15-17).

Nine alumni will be recognized by the College admissions office for their long and loyal service in recruiting and interviewing prospective students.

Early fall Shared Interest Group events

Experiences as patient and doctor have shaped David Moolten’s commitment to writing.

How Manhattan journalist Kristin Kimball found the best job in the world.

Entrepreneur and author Michael Fertik aims to help folks keep their reputations safe online.

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The College Pump

Recollections of David Halberstam and Harry Levin


The Farlow Library's new online exhibits highlight the death cap mushroom and mycological illustration.