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Harvard Authors' Bookshelf

To purchase a book listed in the Harvard Authors' Bookshelf, please click on the title of the book (in red) and you will be taken to the author's website, Amazon page, or other source where you may purchase the book. Many local bookstores will also special order titles if they do not have them in stock and can usually get them for you in a matter of days. Thank you for supporting your Harvard alumni, faculty & staff authors!

City Streets: Memoir
Frank Del Vecchio, J.D. '62
A Navy pilot on weekend leave witnesses the demolition of his childhood Boston neighborhood and the displacement of its immigrant community, goes to law school to learn the levers of power, thence Boston and D.C. politics in the turbulent '60s.
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Destiny: A Novel of Napoleon & Josephine
Bertram Fields, J.D. '52
Napoleon & Josephine. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and tempestuous love set against a sweeping background of intrigue, terror and war. Get it at Amazon.
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Shylock: His Own Story
Bertram Fields, J.D. '52
Now, Bertram Fields gives us Shakespeare's enigmatic Shylock's full story, his dangerous background, his loves and challenges, and his motivation for the demand of a pound of flesh. Get it at Amazon.
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A New Look at Humanism in Architecture, Landscapes, and Urban Design
Robert Lamb Hart '50, M.Arch. '53
Enlarging the way that designers think about design—insights emerging from the human sciences and about how we actually experience the places we build.
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The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class
Edward Conard, M.B.A. '82
Top Ten NY Times Bestselling Author, Larry Summers: "a valuable contribution." Available on Amazon, at local bookstores.
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Split Rock: A Novel
Holly Hodder Eger '82
Conzett Verlag. "An intelligent, sensitive storyteller with a strong sense of place, vividly evoking Martha's Vineyard, Eger creates characters and develops her tale with great skill."—Kirkus. On Amazon and at bookstores everywhere.
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Love Letters in the Sand
Marcia Chellis, Ed.M. '79
best-selling author: A recently widowed portrait painter falls for a drifter who leads her on a journey from her Boston home to Abu Dhabi and Cyprus. She becomes a woman she never could have imagined.
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Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography
Richard Sylla '62, Ph.D. '69
An illustrated biography of the founding father who shaped America's political, financial, and military institutions, but remained a relatively unsung hero until suddenly popularized by the smash hit musical, Hamilton.
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How Inventions Really Happen
Paul C. Wilson '66
“Invention” takes inspiration, persistence, promotional skills, business sense, and luck. In creating the sewing machine, five men with different talents show how the process really works. Visit
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Matilda Empress
Lise Arin '89 (pen name of vetted alum)
Matilda, 12th-C. empress of the HRE, returns to inherit her father's double realm of England and Normandy, but loses her throne to her cousin, Stephen, despite their ongoing, secret love affair. Will politics and passion prove irreconcilable?
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Transforming Providence: Rebirth of a Post-Industrial City
Gene Bunnell, M.C.P. '69
Tells how an engaged citizenry, ambitious plans and private sector leadership revived and reshaped a depressed city. An inspiring story that offers lessons to other cities. Available on Amazon.
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The North End
Judith Robbins, M.T.S. '96
This collection of poems pays tribute to the working poor in post-World War II Worcester, Mass. Robbins has gathered poems that call attention to that hardscrabble place and to the humanity of those who lived there.
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There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors For Sustaining a Business Long Term
Tom Raffio '78, Dave Cowens, and Barbara McLaughlin
Insight on creating a winning team at the office by reviewing lessons from the basketball court. Available at
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Building the Moral Community: Radical Naturalism and Emergence
David W. Chambers '65, Ed.M. '66
Ethical philosophy, behavioral economics, psychology of perception, neurobiology, game theory, and stories about how family and friends, clubs and companies, and world politics could be made better.
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Conversation with Angels
D.B. Ashuah, Ed.M. '97
It is our intention to help you realize your full potential by guiding you through the mechanism of spirit. From our perspective it is simple. You have two main tools. The first is love and the second intent, and so be it.
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John B. (Pell) Loveland '56 MMsc
Can GMOs feed the world with less chemicals? Are patented nonfood GMOs food? Could GMO meals create babies with fish scales or hoofs? Want to eat, must read! 51 col. images,

Edward R. Roybal: The Mexican American Struggle for Political Empowerment
(Bilingual Education Services)
Frank Javier Garcia Berumen, Ed.M. '93, Ed.D. '03
Best Biography Awards (Eng., 2nd Place): 2016 International Latino Book Awards.

“Edward’s Humor” and More: Humor, Word Play, Personae, Memoirs, Interpretation
Edward R. Levenson ’63, Ph.D.
Word Play pieces range from the flippant to the intellectual. Interpretation covers Scripture and the intersectionality anthology This Bridge Called My Back.

Mystery of Memory: Telling My Truth, Standing My Ground
Deborah Howard '79
The true story of an incest survivor struggling to find her voice and believe in herself. Through writing her memoir, she experienced internal validation, found her voice and was able to speak her truth.
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The Door of No Return
Mary A. Flowers, G '74, M.D. '78
Three African American female physicians seek refuge in the ancient city of Dakar, Senegal after their lives have been severely shaken after a drive by shooting in San Bernardino, California.
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The Business of Humanity: Strategic Management in the Era of Globalization, Innovation, and Shared Value
John C. Camillus, D.B.A. '72
With Bopaya Bidanda and N. Chandra Mohan. Enhancing profits by incorporating social concerns in the business model.

Wicked Strategies: How Companies Conquer Complexity and Confound Competitors
John C. Camillus, D.B.A. '72
Taming wicked problems by embracing disruptive innovation, engaging conflicted stakeholders, and exploiting unknowable futures.
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An Intoxicating Error: Mistranslation, Medical Malpractice, and Prejudice
Gail Price-Wise, S.M. '86
As a result of intercultural barriers, a man was misdiagnosed and left quadriplegic. A story of malpractice and the patient who marries and has a biological daughter.
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Dirty Science
Bob Gebelein '56
Establishment scientists assert that there is no reality beyond the physical. This has not been proven, so they use unscientific methods to block whole dimensions of knowledge, mental and spiritual. Download Chapter 1 free at
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Federal Taxation in America
W. Elliot Brownlee '63
Inviting, concise, and comprehensive history of American taxation from American Revolution into the current fiscal paralysis. Explores dynamics among taxes, spending, deficits, and debt. Third edition, Cambridge University Press (2016).
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Morgan's Eddy, A Novel
Tom Blackburn, Ph.D. '62
The intellectual and sexual coming-of-age of young writer Faye Bynum: “ ‘What a gift you have for revealing the hidden glories of a perfectly ordinary place.’ Blackburn shares Faye’s gift, and his novel is a delight.”—Best New Fiction, 6/17
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They Were My Friends—Jack, Bob and Ted
Gerard F. Doherty '50
The only person to have seat at the table with each of the Kennedy Brothers. The son of a fireman who survived TB, graduated Harvard, and rose to work with three presidents.
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Spiritual Audacity
Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom, M.B.A. '80
Tells how the author's struggles in college led to six disciplines of human flourishing: resilience, surrender, gratitude, generosity, mystery, and awakening. "Gripping, compelling and deeply inspiring."—Anna Huckabee Tull, Living the Deeper Yes.
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Auden, the Psalms, and Me
J. Chester Johnson '66
The story of the retranslation of the psalmsin the current Book of Common Prayer, including the roles played by the two poets, W. H. Auden and the author, for the twelve-year project. Available on Amazon.
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The Lynching Waltz
Stephen L. Kanne '56
Launched by invitation at the National Press Club, in this work of historical fiction citizens of a tiny Chicago suburb successfully confront racism in a surprising and uplifting manner.Visit
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The Psychological Roots of Modernism: Picasso and Jung
William A. Sikes, M.Div. '74
The development of Picasso's early painting (c. 1901-1911) is read as a visual expression of C.G. Jung's individuation process. An exciting contribution to Jungian psychology. Available on Amazon.
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Now or Never!
Ray Anthony Shepard, M.A.T '71
A biography of two extraordinary Civil War soldiers. They served in the Massachusetts 54th Infantry, and were war correspondents who published eyewitness reports of their fight with the Confederacy.
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Hank Parker '66
A timely, frighteningly plausible bioterror thriller about a global plot to release a deadly, tick-borne virus. "...a true thriller with non-stop action..." (Scott McEwen, author, American Sniper). Amazon &
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Real Women, Real Leaders
Kathy Hurley, ALI '14
24 women leaders describe their personal journeys to the top, while providing fascinating perspectives on "making it" as a woman in the male-dominated business environment. Available at Amazon.
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Race and Social Change: A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action
Max Klau, Ed.D. '05
An encounter with a provocative educational exercise in the tradition of Milgram and the Stanford Prison Experiment provides an opportunity to study the unfolding of simulated civil rights movements.
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Masjid Morning
An Interfaith Romance

Richard Morris, M.B.A. '70
Amy and Atif fall in love while their families feud over the building of a mosque. Bookvana Award Winner: fiction: romance: International Book Award Finalist: fiction: romance.
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Gold Stripe on a JackassThe Quest for Moral Efficiency
Stephen Sloane, M.P.A. '63
Stephen Sloane shows us why we need to redefine our military, business, and government sector leadership to include the consideration of questioning authority by speaking truth to power.-Lawrence Korb.
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Fatal Odds
John F. Dobbyn '59, LL.M. '69
Boston trial attorneys, Michael Knight and Lex Devlin delve into the Amazon rain forest to combat organized-crime gangs smuggling endangered species of wild animals. Legal thriller ranging from Boston to the Amazon and Puerto Rico.
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Doomsday Revenge
W.K. Bishop, J.D. '66
U.S. lawyer learns of pre-1066 hoard recently dug up in English village his Saxon ancestor owned before Norman Conquest. He seeks compensation for confiscation of estates by William the Conqueror.
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There Must Be YOU
River Adams (Maria Kaplun, M.T.S. '98)
Leonard Swidler helped create interfaith dialogue, and his story is adventure, history, struggle, humor and wisdom from the Great Depression to this day. Order on Amazon or
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Killer Apes, Naked Apes, and Just Plain Nasty People: The Misuse of Science in Political Discourse
Richard J. Perry '64
A critique of biological determinism from the 19th century to the present. Available through Johns Hopkins University Press or on Amazon.
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Daingerfield Island
John Adam Wasowicz, M.P.A. '88
An espionage thriller set in Alexandria, VA, featuring Elmo Katz, Esq. "...a timely metaphor about the power of alternative facts in a post-truth world."—Michael Neff, author. Amazon and at New England Mobile Book Fair, Newton, MA.
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Alice D.
Cath Lorina Dodgson (pen name of vetted alum)
In a wildly funny prequel to Wonderland & Looking-Glass, Alice is stranded in Atlantis in an astrological world, meeting cards, chessmen, Gorgons, nonsense, psychedelia & Zen.
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Damage Control
Michael Bowen, J.D. '76
The murder of shadowy one-percenter is a criminal case for the police and a political scandal--but for D.C. hustler Josie Kendall and her husband Rafe, it's one more damage control problem. A splash of political humor in a bleak season.
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In Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century
Kathryn Sikkink, Professor, HKS and Radcliffe Institute
A rigorous argument about how human rights institutions and activists have produced positive change in the world.
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If It Quacks Like a Duck
Mary A. Flowers, G '74, M.D. '78
This elementary school book about diversity includes a supplemental teaching aid appropriate for teachers Pre-K through grade 2. Available now at and coming soon to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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The Good Mood Kitchen
Leslie Korn, M.P.H. '85, Ph.D.
Revolutionize your personal cooking and eating habits for optimal energy, cognitive health, and emotional well-being with this mood-savvy cookbook from the acclaimed author of Nutritional Essentials for Mental Health.
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The Hunny Bunny: A Memoir. A Young Girl's Life with a Congenital Heart Defect
Jack Murtha, A.L.M. '10
Jack chronicles his daughter's all-too-brief life with a severe heart defect in this gripping story that is ultimately a celebration of life in the most dire of circumstances.
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The Nevada They Knew: Robert Caples and Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Anthony Shafton '59
A double biography and critical study:the story of the friendship between Nevada's leading artist and leading novelist of the 20th century, wrapped in a memoir.
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Sex Rules! : Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles Around the World
Janice Zarro Brodman, Ph.D. '83
Opens a door on a page-turning world rich with hilarious, unexpected twists of stereotype-busting sexual, relationship & romantic practices around the globe.
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Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How to Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis
Norm Champ, J.D. '89
The Former Director of the Division of Investment Management at the SEC, offers a vision of change to strengthen the U.S. financial system.
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Russia Turns The Page
Dimitri Elkin, M.B.A. '96
Eyewitness account of Russia under President Medvedev. Between 2008 and 2012, Russia enjoyed a liberal thaw. By 2014, pro-American policies by the Kremlin had run their course, but this finale was far from inevitable. Available on Amazon.
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The Low-Glycal Diet: How to Shed Fat Effortlessly Without Being Hungry or Cutting Out Carbs
Jeffrey S. Dunham, M.D. '83, Ph.D.
Lose ten pounds in the first two weeks! Download free app at the Apple App Store! 150,000 downloads to date!
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Jonathan Bayliss '47
Reviewers compare this groundbreaking fiction to works of Sterne, Melville, Joyce, Broch, and Musil. Experimental, playful, richly detailed, serious fiction. Find more information at:
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What's to Become of the Legal Profession?
Michael H. Trotter, A.M. '59, J.D. '62
Trotter examines changes in the practice of law since the 1940s, considers prominent predictions about its future, and explains how the challenges facing the legal profession can be overcome.
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Paris in the Present Tense
Mark Helprin '69, A.M. '72
In a Paris caught between violent unrest and its well-known glories, Jules Lacour—a cellist, widower, war veteran, and child of the Holocaust—must balance his obligations to the past with the attractions of life and love in the present.
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Learning Time: In Pursuit of Educational Equity
Edited by: Jorge Ruiz de Velasco '83, Marisa Saunders & Jeannie Oakes
Explores how education time can be expanded and reimagined to enhance the outcomes of disadvantaged students through a youth-sector approach.
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Five Constraints on Predicting Behavior
Jerome Kagan, A.M. '63
A distinguished psychologist considers five conditions that constrain inferences about the relation between brain activity and psychological processes.
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The Lean Body Manual
Jon Pearlman '12
The only fitness book you will ever need if you're serious about leaning down, getting shredded, and keeping the weight off forever. Including the 5 Secrets to the Lean Body and the 4-Week Lean Body Program and Meal Plan to Get Shredded NOW!
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Daily Reflections for Bar Exam Study
Marietta Geckos (Groepler), M.P.A. '02
Ideal inspirational gift for law students taking the Bar Exam and students taking other standardized tests. Available on under M.G. Groepler: $9.95.
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