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A still image from the film, This is Love, showing Rudy Love in shadowed profile

InThis is Love,filmmakers John Alexander and JC Guest document Rudy Love’s scattered, euphoric, tumultuous life.

Image courtesy of The Love Story LLC


John Alexander follows the ups and downs of funk musician Rudy Love.


photograph of Lizabeth Cohen

Lizabeth Cohen
Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The urban historian is honored—for the second time.


Henry Cobb at the 2017 Harvard Commencement
Photograph by Jim Harrison

The celebrated architect and Design School professor died earlier this week. 


Photograph by Ken Liu

Ken Liu
Photograph © Lisa Tang Liu

Ken Liu’s speculative fiction on maintaining and transcending humanity


Photograph of Emily Dickinson’s family home, The Homestead, an elegant wooden building

At The Homestead

Photograph by Norman Eggert/Alamy Stock Photo

Delving into the world of Emily Dickinson

March-April 2020

Three fiddlers playing

Photograph by Ryan Carollo

Contra dancing, Balkan music, sea chanteys—and more!

March-April 2020

Painting of a young woman standing at a French window, looking at a verdant garden

At the French Windows. The Artist’s Wife, (1897), by Laurits Andersen Ring

Courtesy of the Bruce Museum

Images that help unveil the truth of what we can see

March-April 2020

The bar at Gustavo restaurant

Gustazo’s lively bar zone

Photograph courtesy of Gustazo Cuban Kitchen & Bar

Modern delights of Cuban cuisine, in Cambridge 

March-April 2020

A bluegrass guitarist, banjoist, and singer perform on stage

Sean Staples, Hazel Royer, and Eric Royer perform

Photograph courtesy of Atwood’s Tavern

Boosting bluegrass in Cambridge

March-April 2020