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The author is first row, second from left; Professor Mel Chen is second row, second from right.
Screenshot courtesy of Julie Chung


“The ideal’ classroom never existed anyway, at least not in a perfectly equitable manner,” writes Julie Chung ’20. 


Photograph by Allison Kern/Harvard Magazine

I feel lucky that I took for granted my Harvard experience before its abrupt end.


Photograph of the author's Harvard dorm room with chairs, sofa, posters

Photograph by Drew Pendergrass

“What will it mean to end our time on this campus with no closure, no time to reflect on what it all meant?”


Photograph of 7 Ware Street, Harvard Magazine offices

From 7 Ware Street, the magazine’s office

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/AK

How we plan to serve you during the coronavirus disruptions


Four young women of different ethnic backgrounds converse in a homey lounge

Illustration by Bodil Jane/Folio Art

The Undergraduate writes about the Harvard Women’s Center.

March-April 2020

Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow

March-April 2020

The perils of noncommunication

March-April 2020

Beautiful math, guns, sexual harassment, and more

March-April 2020

Photograph of Lawrence S. Bacow

Lawrence S. Bacow

President Bacow on Nobel honorands and curiosity-driven research

January-February 2020