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Before writing anything down, Robert Kyr composes his works—music and text—“internally,” he says, from start to finish.

Photograph by Kelly James Photography


Composer Robert Kyr embraces love, peace, and nature.


Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

March-April 2017

Portrait of Elif Batuman

Elif Batuman

Photograph by Beowolf Sheehan

Elif Batuman’s novel The Idiot reflects on her Harvard freshman year.

March-April 2017

Celebrating distinguished authors and artists

January-February 2017

Ice skating in the heart of downtown Providence

Photograph ©Wickedgood/

Car-free fun in downtown Providence

January-February 2017

Correspondence on not-so-famous lost words

January-February 2017

<p class="caption">Deidre Lynch in her book-lined Barker Center office</p>
<p class="credit">Photograph by Stu Rosner</p>

Deidre Lynch on the cult of Jane Austen and the complexities of loving literature

January-February 2017

Stills from "Presenting Jane"

Frames from Presenting Jane (1953). On top, poets John Ashbery (left) and Frank O'Hara flank James Schuyler, who wrote the script for the short film (top); below, painter Jane Freilicher walks on water.
Courtesy of the Harvard Film Archive and the Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard University. HFA Item no: 37864.

A rediscovered short film, with new commentary by Jane Freilicher and John Ashbery ’49, Litt.D. ’01, gives a glimpse of the New York School's early days.


The poet as French legionnaire in 1916

Photograph: HUD 3567.219.2 no. 296, Harvard University Archives

Brief live of a premonitory poet: 1888-1916

November-December 2016