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Bob Dylan in 1965. Already, the classical world was starting to influence his writing.

Photograph from Granger


In a new book, classicist Richard Thomas explores Bob Dylan’s literary ties to ancient Greece and Rome.


Image courtesy of the Houghton Library

Harvard’s Houghton Library explores “Altered States: Sex, Drugs, and Transcendence.”

November-December 2017

Celebrating Thanksgiving at Old Sturbridge Village

Photograph courtesy of Old Sturbridge Village

Cold-weather treats at Old Sturbridge Village  

November-December 2017

The lenses of the Bruce telescope, mounted for display

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The telescope that helped define Earth’s place in the universe

November-December 2017

Photograph by Harvard Magazine/JC

Boosting museums, and novel architecture

November-December 2017

World’s End offers stunning views of Hingham Harbor…

Courtesy of the Trustees of Reservations

A day trip to Hingham

September-October 2017

The village grew up around the Meeting House, built in 1792.

Photograph by Alamy Stock Images

The Canterbury Shakers’ enduring appeal

September-October 2017

The volume’s front cover features a needle-painted portrait of the young prince Charles Stuart.

Photographs by Jim Harrison/Object courtesy of the Houghton Library

Embroidery fit for a prince

September-October 2017

The entrance to the Naples Conservatory retains its former title, “Royal Conservatory.”  

Photograph by Thomas Forrest Kelly

A day at the Naples Conservatory