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Illustration by Mark Steele


“Vagabonding,” Harvard Student Agencies, and more from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine


The Radcliffe Institute’s garden oasis

Photograph by Thomas Earle/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

“Fair Harvard,” liberal arts Soviet-style, campus oases, and more

July-August 2017

Stephen Peabody, 1809, by John Johnston

Photograph by American Antiquarian Society

The diary of a “unexceptional collegian”—attending class, or not

July-August 2017

Illustration by Mark Steele

The 1932 solar eclipse, the Naval Training School, and more from the Harvard Alumni Bulletin and Harvard Magazine

July-August 2017

The honorands’ doctoral robes, with the crow’s feet restored

Photograph by Jim Harrison

Updates for the engineers and the honorands: Harvard regalia sightings, for connoisseurs


Challenges and response (clockwise from upper left): Prague residents watch a Communist May Day parade in 1948; the Secretary of State; physical destruction in Münster, Germany in 1945; Marshall in the Commencement procession.

Clockwise from upper left: © Archive Photos; George C. Marshall Research Library (Montage by Jim Gipe); © Archive Photos; Harvard University News Office

When Secretary of State George C. Marshall received a degree—and established the standard for U.S. engagement with the world 


Marshall with President Conant and fellow honorands (from his left) Bradley, Wadsworth, Oppenheimer, Richards, and Eliot, before his speech.

Courtesy of Harvard University Archives

When the Marshall Plan was announced at Harvard


Whimsical ruminations on America’s oldest garden cemetery


Former students, friends, family, and colleagues gather to celebrate Harry Lewis on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.