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Courtesy of Harvard University Financial Administration


A large surplus last year—but cautions about the future


Nadya Okamoto 

Courtesy of Nadya Okamoto for Cambridge City Council

Nadya Okamoto ’20 is juggling wider aspirations and school work.


The Winthrop House library

Photograph by Peter Vanderwarker

Undergraduates return to newly improved digs.

November-December 2017

Harvard’s leaders stress community values at the start of the academic year.

November-December 2017

Unrecognized single-gender social organizations dominate another Faculty of Arts and Sciences monthly meeting.

November-December 2017

Photograph courtesy of the Harvard Alumni Association

Harvard seniors help Houses thrive.

November-December 2017

University Hall

Photograph by Bostonian13/Wikipedia

Continuing, heated differences over single-gender social organizations


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Data courtesy of FAS Office for Faculty Affairs

The dean’s annual report provides financial details on House renewal, the faculty census, and a new inequality initiative.


A Harvard conference on diversity and academic inclusion