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Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust spoke with journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates after his keynote address.

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo


A Radcliffe Institute conference highlights universities' role—and debates how to come to terms with their past.


Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth Hinton
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A scholar of race, justice, and public policy

March-April 2017

Illustration by Davide Bonazzi

Traditional methods of preventing suicide have been ineffective, says psychologist Matthew Nock.

March-April 2017

Illustration by Stuart Bradford

Scientists think they may have an answer.

March-April 2017

Illustration by Pete Ryan

Gidon Eshel explains the environmental, social, and political effects of food choices.

March-April 2017

Image of a diamond anvil cell compressing molecular hydrogen. At 4.95 million atmospheres, the sample converts to metallic hydrogen, as shown on the right.

Courtesy of R. Dias and I.F. Silvera

Metallic hydrogen would be a fundamental breakthrough that could revolutionize energy use, space exploration and more.


A soft robot sleeve helps pump blood in cases of heart failure, as demonstrated in a sow.

Courtesy of Ellen Roche

A new robotic device could restore the ability to pump blood in patients with heart failure.


The orphaned Singer sewing machine

Photograph courtesy of Harvard University's Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments

The multifaceted global and interdisciplinary impact of a useful object


Joshua Cohen

Courtesy of Joshua Cohen

Boston Review editor Joshua Cohen on the role of the media after Trump.