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Harvard University President Drew Gilpin Faust spoke with journalist and author Ta-Nehisi Coates after his keynote address.

Photograph by Tony Rinaldo


A Radcliffe Institute conference highlights universities' role—and debates how to come to terms with their past.


Sharmila Sen

Photograph by Spencer Lenfield

Sharmila Sen on making a life in the humanities. 


An anniversary overview of treasures through the ages

March-April 2017

Photograph by Jim Harrison

A humanistic “masterclass” for Houghton Library's seventy-fifth anniversary

March-April 2017

Elizabeth Hinton

Elizabeth Hinton
Photograph by Jim Harrison

A scholar of race, justice, and public policy

March-April 2017

Joshua Cohen

Courtesy of Joshua Cohen

Boston Review editor Joshua Cohen on the role of the media after Trump. 


<p class="caption"> A poster invites citizens to protect protesters from attacks at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square, in Kiev during the 2013-2014 Euromaidan protests.</p>
<p class="credit">Image courtesy of the Ukrainian Research Institute Reference Library</p>

One of the largest Ukrainian-language collections in the world, housed at Harvard

January-February 2017

<p class="caption">Deidre Lynch in her book-lined Barker Center office</p>
<p class="credit">Photograph by Stu Rosner</p>

Deidre Lynch on the cult of Jane Austen and the complexities of loving literature

January-February 2017

Neil Rudenstine speaking at the Oak Room at Dumbarton Oaks

Photograph courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks

Neil Rudenstine on the humanities, at Dumbarton Oaks