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Image by Jezperklauzen/iStock


Oral bacteria can lodge in the gut and trigger inflammatory bowel conditions. 


Claudine Gay, social science dean and Cowett professor of government and of African and African American studies

Photograph by Stephanie Mitchell/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

The initative includes interdisciplinary conversation, annual symposia, and a postdoc program. 


Sunil Amrith

Courtesy of the John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

A faculty member and two GSD affiliates are honored.


Bob Dylan in 1965. Already, the classical world was starting to influence his writing.

Photograph from Granger

In a new book, classicist Richard Thomas explores Bob Dylan’s literary ties to ancient Greece and Rome.

November-December 2017

John Wang’s installation “100+ Years at 73 Brattle,” winner of Radcliffe’s biennial art competition 

Photograph by Kevin Grady/Radcliffe Institute

John Wang ’16, winner of Radcliffe’s public art competition, reflects on art and historical perspective. 


Danielle Allen

Courtesy of Kris Snibbe/Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Allen’s new book excoriates both the justice system and a parallel universe of gang rule. 


The world’s most famous fruit-plucking: detail from Hugo van der Goes, The Fall (after 1479)

Painting detail from Bridgeman Images

Stephen Greenblatt explores the myths and meanings of Adam and Eve.

September-October 2017

Yale-NUS, an ambitious Singapore-based experiment in liberal arts, is built around this central courtyard.

Photograph courtesy of Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS, Nicholas Lemann, and Minerva remodel liberal arts for the twenty-first century.

July-August 2017

Sarah Lewis
Photograph by Stu Rosner

An art historian on race and photography

July-August 2017