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Image by Jezperklauzen/iStock


Oral bacteria can lodge in the gut and trigger inflammatory bowel conditions. 


Cooking lessons at the French Cultural Center

Photograph courtesy of the French Cultural Center

Greater Boston’s cultural centers offer a lot more than language classes.

November-December 2017

The lenses of the Bruce telescope, mounted for display

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The telescope that helped define Earth’s place in the universe

November-December 2017

Courtesy of PBS

Harvard experts provide access to Vietnamese sources on the war.


Sunil Amrith

Photograph by Jim Harrison

The Bay of Bengal is central for this South Asia scholar.

September-October 2017

The entrance to the Naples Conservatory retains its former title, “Royal Conservatory.”  

Photograph by Thomas Forrest Kelly

A day at the Naples Conservatory


Andrew Womack excavating within kiln at Qijiaping in excavation unit T1 on May 15, 2017.

Photograph by Rowan Flad

Field notes from a summer archaeological expedition


President Drew Faust

An expected transition, as the University’s twenty-eighth president plans to conclude her service.


Yale-NUS, an ambitious Singapore-based experiment in liberal arts, is built around this central courtyard.

Photograph courtesy of Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS, Nicholas Lemann, and Minerva remodel liberal arts for the twenty-first century.

July-August 2017