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Oral bacteria can lodge in the gut and trigger inflammatory bowel conditions. 


Claudine Gay, social science dean and Cowett professor of government and of African and African American studies

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The initative includes interdisciplinary conversation, annual symposia, and a postdoc program. 


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Research from HBS shows that by buying themselves out of negative experiences, people gain time for happiness-inducing activities like learning a language, or socializing.

November-December 2017

Rachel L. Gable
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How some colleges help first-generation and low-income students succeed

November-December 2017

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How market forces have made American higher education radically unequal

November-December 2017

A young girl jumps rope on the sidewalk next to her family’s belongings after they received a court order of eviction that was carried out by McLennan County deputy constables in Waco, Texas. Families like hers are the kind of clients badly in need of legal representation—and most often unlikely to receive it.

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America’s unfulfilled promise of “equal justice under law”

November-December 2017

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Data courtesy of FAS Office for Faculty Affairs

The dean’s annual report provides financial details on House renewal, the faculty census, and a new inequality initiative.


A Harvard conference on diversity and academic inclusion


A flier for last Friday’s symposium at Radcliffe

A Radcliffe Institute symposium examines the recent policies—and politics—of the U.S. health system.